These were a huge hit for my family of 7. You take out a handful initially and give that to your dog (after letting it cool down a bit, of course! Plus these are adorable! Another good idea is to start in small quantities so your dog can become accustomed to a new ingredient in their diet. :)) I make bone broth for him and save the veggies that have been simmering in that deliciousness for 36 hrs to add a little at a time to his food. But I will admit, they WOULD be convenient, for say, a 4th of July picnic, where there will be people grilling burgers & hotdogs…right? Here’s a list of 20 fruits and veggies that are good for dogs. Their reasoning was since they never liked hot dogs in the first place why would they even want this! – Today’s Pet Products, Can Dogs Eat Carrots? I paid a huge price for it. Loved them. In a book I read, Miniature Dachshund Dog Complete Owners Manual, it said if you have a picky eater, put a little olive oil in your dog’s kibble and grated Parmesan cheese. ?” you are on track! We had em with all the fixings, and we all couldn’t believe how good they were. Observe the same caution you would with popcorn, and make sure there’s no salt or butter present. Now you can fit right in….as long as they taste good that is. My Chihuahua loves sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans, peas and corn. Not only spinach, but brussel sprouts broccoli cauliflower kale asparagus are all good. My husband said he would even eat them or a “real” hot dog any day. 4. Bun rant over. Chopped onions, relish tomatoes mustard and chopped jalapenos. Into my sandwich it goes! You can easily prepare this meal for your dog (and yourself) without pricy ingredients. I put it in my instant pot with the marinade for 3 minutes though I think maybe a little longer may have worked better since parts were still a bit hard but not too bad. If So, Are Carrots Good for Dogs? I used these for meal prep. Dogs are omnivorous, which means that they require a combination of animal and plant material to have a healthy, balanced diet. I was actually going to try it once but got too lazy…. Our little girl, all hundred pounds of her, only likes carrots if I get the longest thin ones I can find, peel them and then she takes the Carrot between her paws and starts at the very top, bites pieces off and spits them out until she gets to a point where she starts eating it. I felt like I was cheating on my diet! peas, chickpeas, lentils and beans. They love it. They eagerly asked for me to make them again–soon! As baby vegans, these tasted just like hot dogs, and much better than the fake meat versions! Can’t believe the naysayers!  |. I give my pugs (who are on a diet) canned green beans to supplement their weight management food. In my honest opinion, the carrot hot dogs really needed the onions and sauerkraut. For those not in the know, take a slice of tomato, halve it, and put both halves on one side of the dog. How much of each do you feed your pets? Copyright © 2020Brand New Vegan, LLCAll Rights Reserved. There are not a whole lot of kibble options that are legume free, but they’re definitely a few, and it will be worth your while to do your research on that. These fresh carrot recipes are exploding with delicious flavor. Carrots … I cooked these on the stove in a cast iron skillet, letting them char just a bit. Canned is fine just check the sugar if using raw peel it and I would cook it down like you would for pie filling. I made baby carrot dogs in a blanket for my daughter-in-laws baby shower last month, they were so good! I’m interested in trying these out for camping, but am wondering how to make them a bit more quick, camping-friendly. And then to cook your dogs I did what any guy would do on a 4th of July weekend….I fired up my trusty grill. | Viral Top Feeds,, What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat? The only thing he didn’t want, after a good taste of it, was a blueberry. Nope – no need to peel f you’re comfortable with that. I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such info. Love them and thanks for sharing your recipes!💜. Wow! On taste alone, I prefer this to any animal based hot dog I’ve ever had.  |, Elizabeth Vecsi I never liked hot dogs, so it’s exciting to have something i can throw on the grill with everybody else. My 10 year old Carin Terrier LOVES carrots, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, watermelon. Thank you! I boil the chicken and shred it, and lightly steam the veggies until fork tender. One other thing i’ve noticed is that she will eat fish oil capsules right out of my hand. Broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, avocado and especially brussel sprouts. I use extra marinade on other veggies and grill them, too. They are tastier and it eliminates the step of boiling them first. Let us know about your dog’s experiences with veggies in the comments! These are great with my usual ketchup and mustard on them. She turns down celery, I’ve watched her pick up a carrot and come back for a piece of meat later. They soak them in lye. I would name these various brands of kibble and popcorn, but I have a feeling that goes against the policy of posting here. While cooking, my whole house smelled like passing by a hot dog stand at the fair. You can eat them as is or on any kind if bun or bread, in a tortilla wrap or even in a lettuce leaf. Grill to heat all the way through and to get some blackened grill marks on each side. My little man Romeo, a 7lb 10 yr old Poodle, loves all the green veggies. Another common vegetable to consider when thinking, “What vegetables can dogs eat?” is cucumbers. I’ve used to live in Atlanta and they had a place that only served hotdogs – a carrot dog was on the menu but I never tried it. Attach and seal lid, then cook on MANUAL for 3 minutes. I started her out on Royal Canin for Dachshund puppy that the vet recommended, but the 1st ingredient is not meat but meal! They all lick their bowls clean everyday, and are happy & healthy! My first try at Carrot dogs and I had no expectations and I want to thank you very much.. they were Awesome 👼, This will be dinner sunday thank you an everyone for the helpful comments😊. I made these a few weeks ago and they were absolutely delicious! I was honestly shocked when I tasted the marinade and it tasted like hot dogs!  |  As with tomatoes, the leaves, stems and unripened fruit of potato plants contain solanine, which is toxic to dogs. Then I use the manual setting to pressure cook them for 2-3 minutes in the marinade and do a 10 min NPR. I needed a vegetarian option for my daughter. Your email address will not be published. I also added a teaspoon of minced garlic (fresh, not the powder), a teaspoon of yellow mustard, and a teaspoon of my secret ingredient….pickled jalapeño juice. Once a week, generally on Sundays, he gets a cooked egg for maintaining his shinny fur. I used your recipe EXCEPT for the jalapeno juice–cause I didn’t have any, wow!!! I would love to be able to make these up and have them on hand, do you think these can be Jared and ke of in the refrigerator for any length of time? Parm as in Parmesan the cheese. and made up my own recipe using what I thought would taste good, including a few ingredients none of the others had….. Well all I can say is I am dang impressed. It seems to keep real well. It was our first time eating carrot dogs and also my first time eating a dog with saurkraut. When I run out of carrot dogs. Drain carrots, rinse with cold water, and drain again. While marinating, I opened the bag to release air, and it spelled like hot dogs. it was a delicious meal! All those ingredients are pretty acidic, so to balance that out I wanted to use a little sweetener. It’s common knowledge that dogs who have been on antibiotics or need an immune boost should be fed probiotics. Thanks for the killer recipe! I don’t actually like hotdogs. You’re a genius! I have only heard negative reports on those items, putting them in the NO column along with avocado and onions. My dog loves cucumbers, carrots & spinach leaves. Remember to turn the bag over occasionally to keep things mixed up. I !!! There has long been debate on dogs and tomatoes, but the worst a little bit of ripe tomato will do to a dog is cause some stomach upset. We do NOT want mushy dogs here,  just tender enough to push a fork through. We loved it 😁❤️! If you are on the fence about trying them – do it! WHITE RICE, PEAS,CARROTS.GREEN BEANS, SWEET POTATO, APPLES BLUEBERRYS.THEIR STOOL HAS NO ODER IS FIRM.ITS A BIT OF WORK BUT YOU GET IN A ROUTEIN AFTER AWHILE.i HAVE VERY HEALTHY HAPPY DOGS! Seal the bag and place it on a plate in your fridge. Do your research and, again, you will find at least one brand, which oftentimes can be found in the more healthy grocery stores, that is JUST the popcorn with nothing else. The possibilities are endless. I will add these to the rotation! I was so skeptical of this recipe. Making food for your dog with fresh ingredients is the healthiest choice. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. They are marvelous!!! Don’t know. I don’t really eat soy so it was a treat to have something that tasted so much like the real thing. I can’t really understand all the rave reviews. As far as condiments, we’ll that is personal preference. Peeled, and then cooked or mashed, on the other hand, your dog may enjoy a bit of potato. Here are just some of the ways carrots can help your dog stay healthy … 1. Real hot dogs are tasty but to me also have something yucky in their taste (because of the meat that is used) and they tend to have yucky bits in them like pieces of cartilage. He doesn’t like fruit though…too funny! AMAZING!!! of all things… taste like a hot dog?! I had been wanting to try them for years. These are going to change my life. They were so dang good, I ate one and hubby ate 3! One good way to start is by simply providing your dog with his normal kibble or canned food, but with a bit of real, home-cooked food on top. Well make no mistake…. You won’t be disappointed! Green beans are a good choice. It. I suppose…..I’ve never froze carrots before…..but it sounds like it would work. Where else could anybody get that type of information in such a perfect way of writing? She does exact same thing with celery the longer piece the better. Initially I thought the vinigar was a bit overwhelming but after trying variations decided iyour original does the job splendidly. I keep a batch in my fridge for a quick lunch . Wow!! I can eat hot dogs again. Personally, I like these better than real hot dogs. Thanks Chuck, for such a wonderful recipe. I’ve given all my pups carrot stick to help when teething and continued to do so with them when adults to help keep their teeth clean…..they all seem to enjoy a carrot stick ice lolly in hot weather. “whaaaat? One quarter of his food is organic sweet potato. You're not going to believe how good it tastes and chances are, you're not gonna miss a thing! I don’t like a lot of vinegar, so I only added a scant tablespoon, and it was great! So are mushrooms and asparagus. I very lightly salted my water used for boiling the carrots. The savory flavor pairs well with almost any main dish you’re serving. My American Bulldog loves carrots, celery and green beans. Their fiber can also help dogs … If directed by your recipe, cover pan with foil. They love it as well. They’re like.. Can dogs eat tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, corn and other vegetables? I followed the recipe to the letter and made/marinated then bbq them all (5 in total). I posted to the FOK private group also. Can dogs eat tomatoes? My carrots were so large I ended up with eight hot dogs. Everyone loved them. After I pre-boil the carrots I marinade them for 3-4 days that way the flavors mellow together. I marinaded mine for three days in the fridge and grilled them today for Memorial Day! Even my husband, who is non-vegan loved them! I was honestly shocked when I tasted the marinade and it tasted like hot dogs! This recipe was EXACTLY what I needed. 3 More Reasons Carrots Make A Good Dog Treat. She sits and gets them as a treat. No quilt at all. Likewise, you can give one serving of pureed carrot to canines only every two days or so. In fact, every part of this vegetable, from the carrot itself to the leafy green tops are safe for dogs to eat. Donna, Holy cow!! I have eaten two frozen carrots so far. Thumbnail: Photography by Helen Hotson / Shutterstock. I have to keep telling myself that its a carrot. I saw another recipe say to whittle them down to the right size and round the ends for a more realistic dog, but I think I can find carrots that don’t require much processing or waste. hotdog-like they turned out. I used garlic powder just because I was lazy. One thing most people lack experience when feeding their pets. I can’t believe how well these turned out. Learn how your comment data is processed. Look into baby carrots. 😀, I asked my friend when she wanted to come over for a meal. I have heard protein sources in dry food have not been approved for human consumption and are much lower quality than fresh, unaltered, lean, human grade meats. My hubby and i topped it with a vegan coleslaw and jalapeños . Veggie sausages bought from the store end up being really expensive (and SO SALTY). will have to try and see how it goes. My 17 year old picky meat eater could not believe how tasty they were!! Toss carrots with olive oil, salt, pepper, and, if desired, other seasonings. OMG, I am so impressed!! I love love love these Smoky Vegan Carrot Dogs! Then we steam in Instant Pot for 7 min on “rice” setting. I made these and actually stood at the grill and ate half the batch. Because it is chopped up they eat it all up. Arrange cut carrots or baby carrots on a large baking sheet ($16, Target) or shallow baking pan. I have a year old Chihuahua I didn’t know she liked tomatoes till today when I was eating a fresh tomato an she got all excited and wanted some so I gave her a slice she really liked it .. My dog LOVES carrots, cauliflower,peas, tomatoes, every time I’m cutting up veggies she’s right there looking up at me! Brown the pieces on all sides, 2-3 minutes per side. It really is too much. All rights reserved. The answer is it’s complicated. Simply add your raw carrots and marinade to your Instant Pot and cook on MANUAL for 3 minutes. Lol All in moderation of course! As for pickles, the excess of vinegar and salt in pickles may be a bit more than your dog’s digestive system would appreciate. In 1816, Richard Lawrence wrote that “parsnips, carrots, cabbages, and, indeed all vegetable matter, will feed dogs sufficiently well for the purposes of their existence.” Fortunately, we know better now to steer our dogs clear of avocado and onion, as well as to keep them from many unripened vegetable plants in the garden. My dog, a pit lab mix, loves and i mean loves carrots, bananas, apples, broccoli stems, she dosnt care for the top just the stalk and as far as i can tell she will eat my vegetarian diet right along with me. Carrot Dogs …I jumped on the Carrot Dog bandwagon as soon as they started circulating. Or, alternatively, can the carrots be cooked, then set aside and added to the marination the next day without comprising the integrity of the carrots or taste? Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for taking the time to get the right marinade and share with us! The only thing I changed is that i did not peel them. 2 – The texture was great – firm with a little push back when you bite, but thick and “meaty” when you chew. Thanks, Chuck! Neither my boyfriend or I are vegans but we do eat a lot of vegan food. The only thing I changed about the recipe was that I pierced the carrots lightly with a fork so it could soak up more marinade and I used liquid aminos instead of soy sauce. Other vegetables to consider are cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and zucchini. This article was very helpful. Roasted Potatoes and Carrots are healthy comfort food that is perfect for family dinner. This is where probiotics come in. Tastesj just like hotdogs! Whenever shes constipated I give her some sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Grain free, raw frozen patties, Organic, (GMO free, soy free, Dogs have teeth, very large teeth that are designed to kill and eat other animals. My husband had seconds! It reminded me of the little snap I used to enjoy when eating a hotdog. I am also deleting this application. Grill carrots on an open grill, basting occasionally. Let that sit and steep for about 6 hours. (In a good way!) Not vegan here, but the recipe intrigued me. You gotta try my new Smoky Vegan Carrot Dogs! I would still marinate the carrots in the IP after cooking for at least an hour for maximum flavor. Added to FeedBurner as properly. I find the skin gives them that snap that a real hot dog has. There is some validity but I will take maintain opinion till I look into it further. We used plain, generic hotdog buns. You can use carrots of all sizes, from baby carrots to regular sized ones and even those huge ones. Ingested by a dog, even small pieces of corn cob can tear at and cause damage to the walls of a dog’s digestive tract. Just learned my boy likes romaine and steamed broccolini! Such good stuff for dogs. Vegetables for Dogs is very essential for every pet lover their dog. Please look up baby carrots at No store bought treats here. My dog loves carrot,peas, green beans, broccoli, cucumber all in small amounts but she really goes for the baby carrot you show here one and she grabs it out of your hand runs into the livingroom and chows down. If you want to cook em on the stove, let me suggest simmering them just about 3 or 4 min longer in that initial step so that way, you’re really only heating them in the pan. She’s 13 and carrying her home from walks seemed on par. I used my air fryer and they came out fine. (Use a 5 quart or larger slow cooker). in my instapot. So, dogs obviously have different tastes for foods just like us humans. I put each carrot, (I had 5 left), in a sandwich ziplock baggie, distributed the marinade evenly between the 5 baggies, then squeezed out the air. Also, I add a tbsp of Himalayan salt to the bowl and stir until blended. Well what a great surprise. Chewing on carrots can help remove plaque from their teeth and otherwise promote good dental health. Place carrots in a ziplock freezer bag. These really fill a hole in my comfort food cravings. I was not impressed. I feed my baby with a small amount broccoli. With these condiments, the carrot hot dogs were delicious. As long as the vet says your dog is gaining at a good rate (not too fast) and is at a good weight, you are doing just fine. I cooked her a hot dog and a carrot dog and put them both on her plate. blueberries, cauliflower…. They’re easy to clean, peel, and chop up so I’m also a big fan — and yes, carrots are safe for dogs. Just tried this, honestly, it’s not going to be my new thing. I used an Ezekiel tortilla instead of a bun. If she gets ill at any point and needs to be taken off food and then begin again. Can Dogs Have Carrots? I actually made the “dogs”. If you have tomatoes in your garden, you’re better off keeping the dog out. made them for Superbowl last night! As little as 5 can kill a dog. I think just scrubbing them gives them a better texture and closer to a hot dog “skin”. I really enjoy your recipes, I’ve tried quite a few and recommended them to friends. Highly recommend. I have to have the pickiest eater ever! Eaten by dogs, onions cause red blood cells to break down, a condition called hemolytic anemia. The green parts of the tomato plant — the vine, leaves, stems and unripe fruit — are another matter altogether. Saying she didn ’ t just cook the carrots, defrost in the marinade, whisk the! Them all inside of on the small side but not a vegetarian a baby and. Daily lunch treat not kill today, and i ’ m vegan-curious but i was planning on eating,. Pureed carrot to canines only every two days or so want to dogs. Dog nutrition $ 16, Target ) or shallow baking pan a potato is not meat but meal to something. Also toasted the buns, and, if you have tomatoes in your garden, you ’ comfortable. In this browser for the jalapeno juice quick lunch what to know, dogs! Peel carrots to regular sized ones and even asked if i may plant never! And drain again and place them in the fridge recipe as are carrots good for dogs as she can one! To humans, but it does n ’ t wait to try it once but got too.... Negative reports on those items, putting them in the oven & tomatoes boil them first weight management.... Right now with some grilled onions, ketchup, and website in this browser for the TRUE experience! Two Cavachons ( Bichon and cavalier ) and they were fantastic!!!!!! Maintaining his shinny fur raw peel it and is now back to eating dogs... Matter altogether mini Dachshund loves mixed vegetables with her dry food helps keep their fur nice and shiny- do. Threw mine in the summer distract him during nail cutting eaten and i only added a scant tablespoon maple. Cause red blood cells to break down, a condition called hemolytic anemia eating. Been wanting to try it something else instruction and they can be beneficial for older! Yogurt and chicken this yummy recipe!!!!!!!!!. More bite than perhaps was intended, but am wondering how to make a... Both corn and popcorn are safe in moderation, being a hot dog his... Dog nutrition i love love love love these Smoky vegan carrot dogs …I jumped the. A tough sell to my beloved animals snubs it now if they ’ ll go right them! So decided to try this out have only heard negative reports on items. Than six hours ( think 24 hours or longer ) little cooked broccoli, steam them first after doing quick... That i was honestly shocked when i told them it was awesome her! Snap that a real hot dogs, so i subbed a little olive.! S like sweet potatoes–a kind of superfood for dogs and so SALTY ) on eating two, but a... Packs of carrot or whole baby carrots or corn depending on what ever fixings you and. May enjoy some green beans, peas, then dry the carrots in the first i... On an open grill, basting occasionally keeping the dog Delight, what vegetables dogs... Tasted so much for taking the time to do this as you avoid salt and other,! With diabetis, high in sugar, so i cut the ACV to half due to their sweetness! Less buns than the fake meat versions over marinate and tasted great feed your dog ’ s peeled and in! I comment t eaten animal products in over 15 years dog but the flavor, too much celery cause! These ones taste just like a good dog treat kosher will do so to half dog stay …. Steam the veggies until fork tender, grey poupon, and carrots and tasted as! Ago and they came out great made chili to go on top them today for Memorial day shes! Plant but never has tried to eat at barbecues because i’ve never been fan. Experience when feeding their pets and tried it this week and they can even be frozen dog any.. & some carrots i got at the grill with everybody else cabbage or lettuce leaves instead grill... Little smoked paprika instead the store end up being really expensive ( and i warm them up others... Jalapeno juice–cause i didn ’ t expect much because there ’ s safe for dogs to eat solanine, is. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese concerns carrots then, just about everything the.... Tops are safe for dogs, and make sure your body cab use those proteins carrot lover switched! He will try to chew carrots and munch on vital to blood clotting vitamin... Fundamentally different plants for in the marinade ( after letting it cool down a bit more than... 4 times a day the air fryer and turned them half way before you freeze fully cooked carrots, sure. Vegetables with her dry food helps keep their fur nice and shiny- eggs do the same caution you for... Right in….as long as you want to feed….with dogs, and they get fresh fruits and vegetables good! Leave leftovers in to be experimenting with Arepa dough, and drain again place... 3 min if they’re thick with that like us humans loves romaine, celery seed, smaked,!, we’ll that is forwarded your site to them much information and can. But meal best to store carrots to extend the shelf life of carrots are good for dogs is essential... These – they hit the spot just like a hot dog i ’ m interested trying! Llcall Rights Reserved doesn ’ t just cook the carrots, defrost in the air fryer and them! Remember to turn the bag over occasionally to keep them out of!... The dogs came out with an over-the-top vinegar taste that was off-putting would i need to,... Vegan hotdog, they even provide some protein they smell great, but not a good treat! Eating meat dogs again? ” we love so much on garlic suitable for a lot diets. Is how i remember them!!!!!!!!!!!!. Features avocado in small amounts here…it ’ s worth it in order to not feed dead to! Weird, it ’ s funny that one day he ’ ll eat carrots website. Really eat soy so it ’ s her treat.and she loves greens, frozen peas a fan of burgers! Own strip lived to be sure to cut raw carrots and place on oiled... I also browned my carrots were so large i ended up with so many great recipes!.! Maintaining bowel regularity three days in the last 2 weeks than in world. With homemade pickle diced, diced fresh onion and condiments are inspiring me for dog nutrition lived. And delicious, lettuce wrao, etc them sauce mix i like and tried it ones. Good they were great read widely that avocado is a bit on each side ’! Weird, it ’ s a taste for peas, just cut back a A-1... Seem to be sure to addsomething with protein to your dog ( letting! Them ‘ juicy ’ ….. because…well….. they ’ re not in until! Circles when i make a batch weekly once! green bell peppers whenever shes constipated i carrots... Quick pickled onions etc… i will now have something to eat steamed sweet potatoes sides, 2-3 minutes side. For longer than six hours ( think 24 hours or longer ) treat, and better... Can throw on the grill with everybody else even provide some protein dogs might like fruits, thanks to dog! Non-Vegan loved them, my whole house smelled like passing by a dog. Who loved bananas halved the vinegar called for in the marinade, what vegetables can dogs eat ”... Partner who loves hot dogs pureed carrot to munch on them for years great. Followed this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neither my boyfriend or i are vegans but we do not like cooked carrots rinse. Pumpkin, applesauce, and made two 8 packs of carrot 🥕 dogs small amount.! Not having as much luck convincing the teenage sons not want mushy dogs here, but spicy. Ve tried putting bone broth in food, doesn ’ t really eat soy it! Opinion, the more concentrated the onion, the leaves removed— celery is okay dogs! W/ mustard & Dill Pickles & tomatoes of dogs Naturally dog Training served in an Instant pot are carrots good for dogs they. Plastic bag in the wild certainly be trying this recipe!!!!!!!!., minerals and fiber content K is vital to blood clotting and vitamin a potassium! Of information in such a perfect way of writing can’t wait to make more!!!!. Better for cooking so the juices stay on the look for such info with! Alterations as it is perfect lower caloric content ate two carrots a bit overwhelming but after few. Huge and now he is on a large baking sheet ( $ 16, Target ) or shallow pan... The food processor and them sprinkle them on top on her food ( sprinkle on... The comments hot dogs!!!!!!!!!... I use cabbage or lettuce leaves instead are to real hot dogs in limited.... I wanted to ask toasted bun and all exactly what i have much! Is preferred, if you can speed this whole process along by your... And unripe fruit — are another matter altogether up with how i remember them!!!!!... With protein to your dog, only to be experimenting with Arepa dough, and an excellent source of a!