Ingredients. READ ALSO: How to prepare tilapia okro soup INSTRUCTIONS. African Food: How to prepare Banku and Okro Soup/Stew. Cover and cook till the white fleshy part turns translucent (10-15 minutes). Banku. This post seeks to help you prepare Okro soup to eat with Banku or any other food of choice. Okro Soup is a delicacy enjoyed by lots of Ghanaians. Note: you can test if your banku is ready by putting a little water in the palm of your hand. Add about one cup of water and cover the pot for 5 minutes to allow the water to evaporate and cook the banku further. Ingredients. meat (quantity of choice) ¼ cooking oil; 4 peppers 1 pound chopped Okro. Banku. It is prepared from proportional corn dough and cassava tuber mixture. Heat the Palm oil in a pot and fry the onions. Okro Stew Ingredients 1 cup palm oil 1 stinky fish (momone) 2 yellow onions 2 pieces of Jamaican pepper 2 red onions 1 small ginger 1 fresh tomato 3 gloves of garlic 2 teaspoons of shrimp powder 1 maggi cube crabs shrimps smoked fish pig feet cow skin salted beef 1 pound of steamed okro. The tradtional food of the country plays a vital role in my travel experience. The banku will become more difficult to stir, but continue to mix in order to ensure it does not become lumpy. Banku. Seperate the flesh from the seeds and skin, add a little water and blend till smooth. How to prepare the fermented corn for Banku dish When the banku is ready, shape it into a small ball using a spoon. Note: you can test if your banku is ready by putting a little water in the palm of your hand. Instructions for Okro Stew 1. 1/2 medium sized Salmon. Okro stew. Okro stew (or okra stew) is one of the best accompaniments to banku, one of Ghana’s national dishes. What is Ghanaian okro stew? Whenever I travel to a new country one important thing that I always do is try the local dishes. Read on to get to know how to make banku mix of hot pepper. You can also pair Banku dish with okro stew, fried fish, or gravy soap. Okra stew comes in many forms and consistencies, from fairly slimy to almost soupy, and can be mixed … Okro stew. Find my African Food Recipe for a tradtional Ghanaian dish – Banku and Okro Soup/Stew. 1/2 pound of Wele (cow skin) 4 fingers of medium sized herrings. The food fanatic once said, “One of the best things in life is how we have to stop doing everything we do and devote our attention to eating.” If you need to pay him some attention, then a Ghanaian treat, a stew from Banku and Okro, is worth it. A small bowl of diced tomatoes. Find below the steps on how to prepare Okro soup. READ ALSO: How to prepare tilapia okro soup INSTRUCTIONS. Banku and Okro stew is one of the most popular dish in Ghana, now it is time that you will learn how to prepare this local dish for the family and friends. It’s amazing the amount of energy and vigor one feels after consuming it with Banku. 1 pound of Beef. Banku. Unlike most of the other tribes, the Fantes don't like slimy Okro and they normally do not add cassava dough to the corn dough when preparing their special Banku. They call Banku, "3tew" and their Okro Stew, "nkruma fr)". The main components of okro stew are a tomato stew base made with red palm fruit oil, onions, tomatoes, spices and finely chopped okra. How to Prepare Ghanaian Banku and Okro Stew. During this time, stir the banku intermittently. Banku is an energy giving food, carbohydrates. The Banku flour maize have to be fermented.